2020 Cairns Ironman – I GOT to do it!

“YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” - 4 simple words that drove me to cross the finish line for a 9th Ironman finish! They never get old, I’ve been lucky enough to be called across the line by Mike Riley (the voice of Ironman Hawaii) twice, by Pete Murray 6 times and now by a great bloke … Continue reading 2020 Cairns Ironman – I GOT to do it!

Ironman Cairns – WE GET TO DO THIS!

Here I am on a plane to Cairns in September 2020! Who would have thought that this would be the only full Ironman race this year in the Oceania in September in Spring in Cairns 🥵 First let’s take a quick look back over the first nine months of the year! It’s been crazy to … Continue reading Ironman Cairns – WE GET TO DO THIS!

Rapha & Strava #Festive500 Challenge 2019

Challenge Details as described by Strava: "Rapha #Festive500. Eight days. 500km. Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve. Join Rapha for the tenth year of the #Festive500, a seasonal tradition and riding rite of passage, and challenge yourself to ride 500km in the eight days between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve." My goal in this … Continue reading Rapha & Strava #Festive500 Challenge 2019

Triathlon 101

If you have ever been 'Tri Curious' don't be overwhelmed, triathlon isn't as complicated or daunting as it can appear! Like in life you simply need to find the right tribe to help guide you through! Here is my "triathlon at its simplest....." Hope it helps!

2018 My Year In Review!

Looking in the mirror and assessing yourself is one of the hardest things to do! Its very easy to be critical of yourself and lose sight of the good things! My 2018 review has taken a lot longer than I ever anticipated, but here it is.... My year in review!

Ironman Western Australia, Busselton 2018 – Race Report

Twelve months is a long time in sport!  However I patiently waited the year to exorcise the demons of #sharkbikerun from last year.  And excise them I did, actually I did that in the first hour of the event! I actually got to do the swim! I celebrated with a little internal 'wahoo' as I … Continue reading Ironman Western Australia, Busselton 2018 – Race Report

Busselton Ironman WA 2018 – race preview!

So here I am 12 months later back again at the scene of last years #sharkbikerun event! Yes I still carry the mental scars from the heat and poor decisions I made early in last years duathlon. So this year Ironman have made changes to try and increase the chances of the event going ahead … Continue reading Busselton Ironman WA 2018 – race preview!

My first – “Friday Question & Answer”

Back in late September I did my first ever live QNA on social media, where I spent 45 minutes answering all sorts of questions. Here is a brief summary for those that missed it!

Should I do this as a monthly thing? Feedback WANTED, Comment below!