Busselton Ironman WA 2018 – race preview!

So here I am 12 months later back again at the scene of last years #sharkbikerun event! Yes I still carry the mental scars from the heat and poor decisions I made early in last years duathlon. So this year Ironman have made changes to try and increase the chances of the event going ahead … Continue reading Busselton Ironman WA 2018 – race preview!

2018 Ironman 70.3 World Championship – Race Report

The fiercest race in the friendliest city! Lives up to its tag line in every since of the word. The racing was insane, the course was honest and the conditions were trying! The wall of names! We had the pleasure of watching the women's race on the Saturday in full sun and a stiff wind … Continue reading 2018 Ironman 70.3 World Championship – Race Report

70.3 Ironman World Championships – Here I Come!

I qualified for the 70.3 World Championships to be held in Port Elizabeth South Africa at the Cairns 70.3 Ironman race back in June 2018 and since them my race calendar has been under constant revision.  Its hard to focus on anything beyond September 2nd at the moment!  I have never raced a World Championship … Continue reading 70.3 Ironman World Championships – Here I Come!

2018 Cairns 70.3 Ironman – Race Preview

So I have raced at Cairns twice before, but both times in the full ironman distance.  This weekend I am switching things up and doing the 70.3 ironman instead.  When I set about planning my season this wasnt in the plan.  But with two Starfish athletes doing their first ironman & 70.3 distance race, I … Continue reading 2018 Cairns 70.3 Ironman – Race Preview

Celebrating achievements!

So this is a quick blog to highlight and celebrate a few achievements & milestones that I have achieved over the past couple of days! First on Thursday night 22/9/16 I ran my 1,000km for the year (2016), this was a goal I set in January as part of my planning for the year.  Thanks … Continue reading Celebrating achievements!

Sunshine Coast Marathon – What am I doing?!?!

So this weekend I am running a marathon and I can tell you I am more nervous than before any ironman.  Why........ I don't see myself as a runner, I am a triathlete!  It has been roughly 18 years since I last ran a marathon on its own and the thought of doing it again … Continue reading Sunshine Coast Marathon – What am I doing?!?!

I am an ironman!

I am an ironman again!  Hearing these 4 word is an amazing experience and this year I got hear them from the voice of Kona ironman, Mike Riley! At the awards dinner on Monday evening following the ironman Mike Riley noted that all the athletes are inspirational, even if you don't want the tag you … Continue reading I am an ironman!

Ironman Port Macquarie Preview

A race is a celebration of the effort & training to get you there (paraphrased from Michelle Bremmer athlete dinner, 29/04/16).  Here I am having complete a 17 week program, with the first two weeks as a build phase still recovering from injury.  The remaining 15 weeks were broken up into base, endurance, recovery, race prep … Continue reading Ironman Port Macquarie Preview

My biggest week so far!

So I jagged a couple of days off following Mooloolaba triathlon and it has proved very beneficial to my ironman preparation.  The numbers are not huge but they are solid and I'm really happy with them given I now have 6 weeks to go!  The count down is well and truely on.  The week accumulated … Continue reading My biggest week so far!

Confused…. Etiquette

So today I went out for a mid week solo time trial (TT) ride.  I am still on Christmas holiday so today was aiming to be a little longer, a little later and I was just out to bank some solid k's, no real focus other than zone 2/3 (boarder) for 2 to 3 hours. … Continue reading Confused…. Etiquette