Gear update – my quick reviews!

So here is a quick update of some equipment I have recently purchased.  I'll try to give you my reasons for the purchase and results of having them and their effect on my training. The first and most expensive purchase recently was a power meter. 4iiii's power meter After reviewing a few brands and comparing … Continue reading Gear update – my quick reviews!

The Fly 6 – My thoughts!

My amazing wife purchased me a Fly 6 back in September for our wedding anniversary & maybe because I had been banging on about them for months, even years maybe!  So before getting into my review, lets just be clear that I purchased this device, I am not supported or sponsored in any way, everything … Continue reading The Fly 6 – My thoughts!

Celebrating achievements!

So this is a quick blog to highlight and celebrate a few achievements & milestones that I have achieved over the past couple of days! First on Thursday night 22/9/16 I ran my 1,000km for the year (2016), this was a goal I set in January as part of my planning for the year.  Thanks … Continue reading Celebrating achievements!

Noosa 2015 – An Age Grouper’s Race Report

Well that's my 2015 race calendar complete.  The results are in and Noosa 2015 tops a very good year for me.  I targeted 3 main races this, the Cairns Ironman, the Sunshine Coast 70.3 (half ironman) and the Noosa Tri.  The results at all three races exceeded my expectations and Noosa was the perfect cherry … Continue reading Noosa 2015 – An Age Grouper’s Race Report

Staying the course…. Focus!

How hard is it during a tough training block to maintain the focus and complete each and every session with the intensity and duration required to obtain maximum benefit?  TOUGH, it is really really hard.  I train 90% of the time on my own / solo and setting a plan for a session is easy, … Continue reading Staying the course…. Focus!