Celebrating achievements!

So this is a quick blog to highlight and celebrate a few achievements & milestones that I have achieved over the past couple of days!

First on Thursday night 22/9/16 I ran my 1,000km for the year (2016), this was a goal I set in January as part of my planning for the year.  Thanks to Garmin for helping me celebrate and monitor this goal!  Remember that back in in 2014 I ran a total of 260km for the year, just on 5km/year.  In 2015 I ran a total of ,1087km, averaging 20km/week.  So far this year 2016 I am averaging 26km/week.  So I have now revised this goal up to 1,200km for the year, keep watching and following on Strava or Garmin Connect to see how I go!


After achieving my distance goal for the I then headed to my normal Saturday (24/9/16) parkrun at Capalaba where I ran my fastest ever parkrun!

Capalaba parkrun – Latest Results

As the photos above show, this was my fastest 5km run, setting a new personal best!  I have spoken about the supporting and inclusive environment of running at parkrun.  This Saturday was no different and as soon as I started running (and within the first km) I found I was running with some super supportive guys, who (almost) sacrificed their own personal run to help me achieve my running goal of breaking 20 minutes over 5km.

I am grateful to both Sam & Daniel for their amazing support during the run!  They ran super consistently, which is evidence by my fastest pace was 3:56min/km and my slowest was 4:02min/km.  Normally if I’m chasing a PB I would go out super fast and struggle to finish the last 2km.  On Saturday it was all about the gentle consistency, maybe just maybe that is the secret to a super fast 5km run.  My next goal at parkrun is to seek royalty status and record a 1st place finish, but that can wait, I in no rush!

So now we roll unto Sunday, where following the successful run at parkrun, I decided to enter the first triathlon race of our season here in Australia.  Nothing like a last minute decision.  This also happens to be a local race for me (about 10 minutes from my house), so made the decision even easier.


Queensland Triathlon Series – Race 1, Raby Bay – Results

This triathlon was pretty typical race!  I had very little expectations, my swim was solid (wearing a wetsuit) but not earth shattering.  My bike felt solid & perhaps I held back a little tying to save something for the run!  M average speed was about 36km/hr (with no race wheels) is pretty solid, but I feel now I could have given more.  My run was perfect, I continued to push as hard as I could through the entire 5km (4.65km as per my Garmin).  Finishing 6th in my age group was a surprise and I pretty happy with the overall feel and result for the first race of the season!

So that concludes a epic 4 days achieving some significant goals and banking a solid first triathlon of the season.  I cant wait for the next race, this summer is going to be epic!

The biggest regret we can have in life is to not TRI!

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Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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