Celebrating achievements!

So this is a quick blog to highlight and celebrate a few achievements & milestones that I have achieved over the past couple of days! First on Thursday night 22/9/16 I ran my 1,000km for the year (2016), this was a goal I set in January as part of my planning for the year.  Thanks … Continue reading Celebrating achievements!

Stretching & strengthening!

So I am embarking on a stretching & strengthening program, the aim is to build another habit into my daily / weekly / monthly routine that will have a positive impact on my training, racing and performance! I am continuing my stretching and foam rolling work, which I have blogged about previously and intend to … Continue reading Stretching & strengthening!

Helping myself by helping others!

I have achieved some big life time fitness goals recently!  It all started again when a mate asked me to join him in riding a bike again (meant to be socially)!  It had been 10 years since I last rode and definitely was not on my radar.  I was unfit, not unhealthy, but unfit.  So … Continue reading Helping myself by helping others!

Gap analysis – holding up a mirror

Lets start this blog by reiterating that I am (and always have been) a very average ordinary age group athlete, just like you I have big dreams and this blog is a tool to help me achieve my dreams and goals.  So I have recovered from ironman Australia, its been a few weeks and while I … Continue reading Gap analysis – holding up a mirror

March Review

So as March comes to a close, it’s time for a quick reflect and celebrate a few minor milestones, before moving onto the most important weeks of my ironman preparation, the last month! During March I complete the following Strava challenges: Gran Fondo - my best effort was 174km (10818th of 182131) Climbing Challenge - … Continue reading March Review

Week 16 Progress

Week 16 is complete and I am now inside the last 15 weeks of my next ironman training plan.  I am still not running and am just starting to get a little nervous.  Although my physio & GP both assure me I will be back running soon enough and will be fine 😉  I wish … Continue reading Week 16 Progress

Quality over Quantity….. Junk k’s

So the week just past was my last week of my Christmas holiday & I made the most of it.  I banked 5km in the pool, 244km on the bike & even a gentle 5km run (jog/walk), I'm still recovering from achilles tendinitis so my running is absent at the moment! Pretty happy with week … Continue reading Quality over Quantity….. Junk k’s

My WordPress 2015 in review – THANK YOU

With the help of WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for my blog.  I want to take a quick moment to thank all you amazing people that have taken time out of their busy day to read some of my meanderings! Here's an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. … Continue reading My WordPress 2015 in review – THANK YOU

Confused…. Etiquette

So today I went out for a mid week solo time trial (TT) ride.  I am still on Christmas holiday so today was aiming to be a little longer, a little later and I was just out to bank some solid k's, no real focus other than zone 2/3 (boarder) for 2 to 3 hours. … Continue reading Confused…. Etiquette

It’s 70.3 race week….!

Its race week again, this time its 70.3 or half ironman time.  I have just complete a solid 3 week abridged preparation for Sunshine Coast 70.3.  Basically it was 3 weeks building through each week, increasing volume & intensity, peaking last week at 8.25 hours, including 2.2km of swimming, 170km of cycling, 22km of running and 17 days … Continue reading It’s 70.3 race week….!