An ironman triathlon on 10 hours training per week?   Absolutely!

I’ve done it and so can you.  Life is busy, everyone has a million & one things to do & get done.  But if like me you have a desire to achieve something spectacular in your life, like an triathlon or an ironman!  We can help!  Together we can integrate the triathlon, training into your lifestyle seamlessly!  Lets create your TRISTYLE!

I’m TriathleteTed and I can help you to optimise your athletic performance, in the pool, on the bike or on the run.  I can help you take the next step toward achieving your dreams in the amazing world of triathlon!  Ironman 140.6, Half distance 70.3, Challenge, Olympic, Sprint or Super sprint no distance or goal is unachievable with the right guidance & coaching!

I am a husband, a father, a triathlete, a general manger, a son, a brother and an average Joe living my life to the best of my ability.  Why coach & blog, cause I’ve heard so many people ask ‘how do you fit it all in?’ or ‘I don’t know how you find the time’ or ‘I couldn’t do that, cause I don’t have the time’.  So I started coaching people & writing about my experiences to show people that anyone can do anything, if your heart & mind desire it.  Feel free to follow my musing & meanderings!

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