The Journey to Sunshine Coast 70.3 – (The Abridged Version)!

Well I have registered for my next event the Sunshine Coast 70.3, also know as the Sunny Coast Half Ironman!  I must be crazy, it been about 9 weeks post ironman and I am recovering from a bike v car accident (as I have written about previously) with under a month to go I am … Continue reading The Journey to Sunshine Coast 70.3 – (The Abridged Version)!

Knowing my heart!

Knowing my heart, or more importantly my heart rate has been, for me, almost more important that putting on underwear.  I say this as the improvement that can be gained by monitoring your heart rate and training in the right zone are immeasurable.  There is a mountain of research out there about heart rate and heart … Continue reading Knowing my heart!

Who am I (family maketh the man):

I am a multiple ironman finisher.  I have achieved my goal of being an ironman finisher training on average 10 hours per week, all while managing a company, supporting my family of three children and an supporting my amazing wife. I am a husband to my amazing wife Mel and father of 3 gorgeous (I … Continue reading Who am I (family maketh the man):