Who am I (family maketh the man):

I am a multiple ironman finisher.  I have achieved my goal of being an ironman finisher training on average 10 hours per week, all while managing a company, supporting my family of three children and an supporting my amazing wife.

I am a husband to my amazing wife Mel and father of 3 gorgeous (I am biased) children, Ella 10, Miah 8 and Kyden 4.  I am a General Manager of a small civil infrastructure and earthmoving contractor, with a civil design background.  I have worked for local government and now in the private sector.  I am really an average Joe, with a passion for staying fit and active (so I can eat almost anything anytime)!  Our family of 5 lives with my in-laws (Grandma and Granddad), which is a huge help with the kids when I want (or need) to train or work longer hours!

My wife Mel is my rock, we have been together for over 20 years, high school sweethearts.  We are best friends and there is nothing I have done or can do without her and her unending support.

My triathlon journey began way back when I was 17.  I raced seriously for approximately 7 years through to my early 20’s.  I even traveled and raced in Switzerland before I decided to give it away in 2001 or 2002.

I stopped riding my bike back in 2002.  Why?  Basically because we were trying to have a family and the Dr had given us the advice that to improve our chances I need to stop spending lots of time on the saddle.  Whether there is medical studies to support his claims, I not sure, however I know that my wife & I desperately wanted kids, so I followed Dr orders and ceased riding all together.  Truth be told I don’t think I needed too much convincing.  I had had a pretty ordinary and intense experience under a coach through the late 90’s, so it was pretty easy to stop!

Now 8 years and two children later in 2010 (third child came in 2012) I dusted off my 1999 Cannondale Multisport (650C wheeled) bike and started riding again immediately following the Brisbane (Queensland) floods!  Simply, Lance Armstrong (pre doping admission) came to town and at that time I was still (probably still am) an avid follower of his story!  The lure and pull of the opportunity to ride with the now infamous Lance Armstrong was far too great to miss!  So back on my trusted Cannondale Multisport 1999 I was.

During this blog I hope to shed a little insight into my journey in triathlon, to my first ironman triathlon and beyond.  How I (try to) balance training, work, family and life in general.  This is simply my musing and meandering that I believe may assist or perhaps inspire others to attempt a life long goal, far to often in my journey thus far have I heard “I just don’t have the time”.  My blog hope to give you insight into how I do it!  Thanks for following!

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