A Brief Race History

I began racing super sprints and similar short triathlons while still in high school (age 16 or maybe 17).  There were a couple of main series we all used to race, including the Bribie Island 3 race series (this is still going today) and the Tinman series (which has evolved into the Gatorade series we now know here in SE Queensland.  Noosa, Mooloolaba and Byron Bay were always the highlights of the season.  Noosa marked the start of our race calendar and Mooloolaba (Mootri) was always he end of the season.  Byron was always there if the party needed to last a bit longer!

In 2012 I targeted a return to my two favorite races Noosa & Mooloolaba.  Neither of these races were particularly fast, however I enjoyed the feeling of racing and appreciated the Mates wave (not something I had previously ever raced).  Every year since (2013 & 2014) I have raced Noosa and Mooloolaba and have registered again for Noosa 2015 and Mooloolaba 2016.  By 2013 I was seeking a longer challenge and decided to enter the inaugural 70.3 on the Sunshine Coast (almost identical course to my beloved Mootri).

My first foray into longer distances and I had no idea what to expect.  Knowing the course was nice but really provided me with little comfort heading into the event.  Two laps of the cycle course, two laps over the famous headland, to say the least I was nervous!  All the usual questions, had I done enough, have I banked the k’s, have I researched and trialed my nutrition enough?  It turns out I had and 5 hours and 47 minutes after I started I finished my first Ironman 70.3 race.  My first longer distance triathlon and I was hooked ready to start the long road to a full Iornman triathlon!

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