Training (a brief insight)!

My training has been very vague and centered around ‘opportunity’ rather than a specific training plan. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have targets and goals for the week, month and year, but I need to be flexible to fit everything in around my family and work.  My goal initially was simply to be a weekend warrior and ride with a mate, have a coffee, read the paper, chat about life in general and head home. Some weekends it was literally a 15 to 20km cycle and more time at the café!  From 2010 to now it has ramped up gradually but significantly, from Sunday social rides to double centuries and brick sessions!

I have the most understanding and supportive wife who has helped me identify (and generated) even more opportunities to train. Currently in 2015 I am averaging 10 hours a week and on a 6 month plan (program) to my first full distance ironman triathlon (3.8km swim, 180km cycle, 42.2km run).

I have found the advancement in technology, in particular GPS devices, watches and on-line communities has help keep me motivated and on-track.  My decision to attack my first full distance ironamn triathlon without a coach was very simple one, once I had the support of my whole family!  I was using Strava and had not long purchased my first Garmin 910XT forerunner.  My background and basic understanding of biology, I believe that no-one knows what I need better than me!  Strava helps me push myself harder on solo training sessions, as my ‘followers’ would see the results and know that I had slacked off!  ‘PERCEIVED PEER PRESSURE’ has and will continue to keep me motivated.  I am a lover of the data, the ability to compare similar rides, runs and swims.  To see my heart rate, cadence and speed during each session, allows me to track my progress.  Feel free to view my profile on Strava or Garmin Connect at:

Ted on Strava

Ted on Garmin Connect

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