Staying the course…. Focus!

How hard is it during a tough training block to maintain the focus and complete each and every session with the intensity and duration required to obtain maximum benefit?  TOUGH, it is really really hard.  I train 90% of the time on my own / solo and setting a plan for a session is easy, executing it is often hard.

I have written previously about my 6 week run through to the Noosa Triathlon.  I am now in the middle of that plan and the motivation is waning, little things or excuses start finding their way into the middle of my sessions and it is far to easy to change the focus of the session and finish off within my comfort zone, dropping an interval when it gets tough, easing off the intensity cause the acid is burning.  Through the consistency of ‘something everyday’ I don’t feel as fresh as I believe I should.  Warm-ups take a little longer and recovery doesn’t seem to be complete.  I just don’t feel ready to complete another session again.  I feel like I want and need some recovery!  How to overcome these periods?

In longer races and training sessions these moments come and generally (if you’ve put in the work, stuck to you nutrition strategy) they pass.  I think there is the key, stay the course, focus on the good and stick to your plan.  Far to easily in training & in life we get stuck in the moment focusing on the negatives, losing sight of the end goal and the desired outcome.  So here are my tips for staying the course:

  1. Use a GPS watches or device.  These make training solo a little easier to stay focused and strict on the planned session.
  2. Always set out with a goal for the session / week / month / year.
  3. Self checks and reviewing the data at the end of the session
  4. Reflect on the data and how it actually felt, it may not have been as bad as you imagine during the session
  5. Find a group / friend to train with.  I use the Sunday shop ride as my group session each week, this brings a little bit of social interaction to the dull drums of a big hard training block!

So while things aren’t going my way at the moment and I’m feeling a long way from my best or how I believe I should feel, my numbers are telling me to stay the course, my experience tells me my plan is solid, so I’m sticking with it!  Noosa is only just around the corner and is my last race for 2015, I can rest & recover after that!

Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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