What do I use… My Equipment (Gear)!

I have recently upgraded from the Garmin 910XT to the 920XT watch.  Why, simply because its time and I’m desperate for some of the running bio-metrics the 920 can offer.  I have also invested in the new 920XT triathlon bundle, with the swim heart rate band because I would love to see what my heart rate does during the first leg of every triathlon!  Not to mention the additional information and opportunity that data presents for improvements.  So with a review of the 920Xt the subject of a future blog once I have had time to utilise the features and analyse all this new found data, I thought I would document some of the gear I use in training and racing.

Swim. I use any togs I can get cheap, currently training in a pair of Funky Trunks jammers (I got on a sale from Tri Shack at Wooloongabba). I have always swam in the old skool (cause they are too cool for school) Eyeline speed demon goggles, these have never failed me and I find them supper comfortable, I can almost wear these without the straps they fit me that well.  However my recommendation is always find something that suits your face/eyes and you are comfortable in. Goggles can hurt and cause significant irritation if they don’t suit you! Trial a few pairs until you find something you like, then stick with it!

Bike. I am luckily enough to own two, ok 4, bikes. First is my trusty Trek Madone 5.2 road bike, which I do a lot of my training on, its safe it a group ride and comfortable over long lonely kilometers in the saddle.  My second bike is my BMC TM02 time trial racing bike, or as my kids like to call it my ‘FAST’ bike. This is a beautiful bike to ride and I can genuinely account at least 2 to 3km/hr increase in average speed every time I hop on it, the aero frame, the bottom bracket, the cockpit, its stiffness and the saddle are all super comfortable and fast.  I ride with Louis Garneau tri bike shoes (single strap) in the ladies version as they fit my foot better, thanks tot he guys at V1 Cyclery at Wellington Point!  Look Keo Max 2 peddles on both these bikes, a big carry over from my teenage years when Look was the ‘go to’ (pioneering) brand for all the cool kids!  I have two helmets, a Cannondale Teramo for everyday riding and a Giro Advantage II exclusively for racing in.

Run. I only run in Asics and have done for nearly 21 years.  From the original 2000 (2010, 2020, 2030 ect) range through to Kayano and now currently in DS Trainer or Noosa Gel 10, I have found they are most suited to my foot and running technique.  I generally have two pair of shoes on the go at any one time, always overlapping the use.  One pair toward the end of their life, currently my DS Trainer at 360km and nearing retirement, and the second pair almost new, currently my Noosa Gel 10’s at 10km and just being broken in!  I also run in calf compression socks, a small through back to my injury prone period through 2010 to 2014, Skins are the current brand and they are super comfortable even for racing in.

Race. I use just about any tri-suit that I can find cheap or club gear if necessary, currently racing in Redline Triathlon Club gear made by Scody, a very comfortable one piece suit.  I have not gone back to the two piece of my youth, I am currently thoroughly enjoying the single piece race suit.  As noted above I also have the Giro Advantage II time trial helmet specific for racing in, so quite and totally aero!  Fast Forward carbon fiber race wheels (40mm front with 60mm rear combination with DT Swiss 240 hubs), these wheels are perfect in any and all conditions.  Wetsuit I use for the colder races is a Orca S5 (2013 version) again bought on sale and this thing is amazing.

Its important to note that I didn’t start with all this back in 2010.  My first couple of races were done on my old 1999 Cannondale Multisport bike, a super cheap 2XU trisuit, an old helmet and my gardening running shoes.  All the gear is not necessary when starting out or getting into the sport, it fun just to tri.  I have detailed all my current gear to hopefully give you an idea of what I use currently and maybe a little insight in what to look for next!

Please note that I am not sponsored or endorsed by any of the noted, mentioned companies and or products, they are noted because my dealing have been positive, I like the product or they simply provide the products I like, want or desire.  That said if any of them do desire to have a amateur, ‘has-been’ hack triathlete dad on their books as a sponsored athlete, I’ll happily endorse and review almost anything 😉

Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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