My first – “Friday Question & Answer”

Back in late September I did my first ever live QNA on social media, where I spent 45 minutes answering all sorts of questions. Here is a brief summary for those that missed it! Should I do this as a monthly thing? Feedback WANTED, Comment below!

Ironman Australia Port Macquarie 2018 – Race Preview

Well its been a little while between blogs and I thought what better way to re-spark my blog than with a quick race preview!  Yes this weekend I am back at it doing Ironman distance triathlon again!  This will be Ironman number 6 to be precise (yes I am counting).  After the struggle in Busselton, … Continue reading Ironman Australia Port Macquarie 2018 – Race Preview

Ironman Busselton WA – Preview

Well here it is, my 3rd Ironman this year!  Thats right 3 Ironman races in 2017, I must be crazy!  Turning 40 triggered a mini mid-life crisis in my and this is how I dealt with it!  So let's do a quick review of the course, my training and how I got to Ironman Western Australia … Continue reading Ironman Busselton WA – Preview

Gear update – my quick reviews!

So here is a quick update of some equipment I have recently purchased.  I'll try to give you my reasons for the purchase and results of having them and their effect on my training. The first and most expensive purchase recently was a power meter. 4iiii's power meter After reviewing a few brands and comparing … Continue reading Gear update – my quick reviews!

Noosa – The Wrap Up

So that's a wrap, Noosa 2016 done and dusted!  Lets get straight into the results: Noosa Triathlon 2016 - Official Results Noosa Triathlon - Multisport - Garmin Connect Noosa Triathlon - Swim - Strava Noosa Triathlon - Bike - Strava Noosa Triathlon - Run - Strava So the following is a quick comparison of my … Continue reading Noosa – The Wrap Up

Race week is here…… The Noosa Race Preview!

OK, the training is done, now bring on the TAPER!  The goal of this week is to train enough so that I peak at exactly the right time!  Needing and wanting to feel super fresh and ready to race on Sunday morning!  Watching the weather forecast almost hourly, gear checks, watching the water temperature at … Continue reading Race week is here…… The Noosa Race Preview!

What do I use… My Equipment (Gear)!

I have recently upgraded from the Garmin 910XT to the 920XT watch.  Why, simply because its time and I'm desperate for some of the running bio-metrics the 920 can offer.  I have also invested in the new 920XT triathlon bundle, with the swim heart rate band because I would love to see what my heart rate … Continue reading What do I use… My Equipment (Gear)!