My first – “Friday Question & Answer”

So back on the 21st of September I did a live Q&A (question & answer) on both Facebook and Instagram (the replay can be found here) and this is a bit of a summary of that insane 45 minutes of fun!

How do you keep motivated when you’re super busy and find it hard to fit training in?

Routine over motivation is a blog I previously wrote about how motivation can fail us and the routine and habit creation is far more important!  Also using accountability, either by using someone else to help, or an on-line program (like training peaks) or getting a coach, personal trainer or something similar.

Also, why are you fab?

Thank for the vote of confidence, but I’m totally not fab!  Just doing what I do and trying my best at it!

Tip for Kona?

I have absolutely no idea, as I haven’t raced there yet!  But it is a goal and I will do it one day, perhaps when I outlive everybody in my age group – maybe!

On a more seriously note through, I believe it’s all in the preparation, heat and wind!  Setup and train to the conditions!

Side note:- I think this may have been who I think will win: Daniellia Ryf is going to be hard to beat, but Lucy Charles is coming and Sarah Crowley seems on track also, but I also have a soft spot for Laura Siddell after our encounters in Port Macquarie!  In the men’s its wide open now with Jan withdrawing, I still think Patrick Langer is a solid bet, but this field anyone can win, Lionel, Sebastian & Braden.  This is like the Melbourne cup, all the big racers are there and its going to be amazing racing!

Live feed will be available here!

Bike hard for the advantage or save it for the run?

Always bike for the advantage, the run will look after it self.  You are using slightly different muscle groups and they are being used in different ways, so always swim hard, bike hard and run harder and always at your limit!

Dream race that isn’t Kona?

Probably Roth!  But I have a list of races to do longer than my arm I want to race before I die!  Bali Herbalife Olympic distance race, Fiji has an awesome race, Korea interest me because I have some distance (3 times removed) family history their, Zürich Switzerland is another……  All & any destination race really!

Ride with a flat or have a rock in your shoe?

Run with a rock in my shoe, cause you can generally roll it, wiggle it or move it to a spot that is bearable…… Just!  Bike shoes have a solid unforgiving sole so if your uncomfortable its gonna annoy you for a long time!

Aero advantage of running the Lovell (Backwards cap)?

No advantage, where the damn thing properly and protect your nose from getting sun burnt!

The Lovell

Bike like Lovell or run like Nothling?

Super interesting, both have distinct advantages and disadvantages.  Both need to continue working on their weakness and massive improvement will come!  Lovell can climb like a goat, but descends like a ball of mud!  Nothling can run, but lacks belief in his ability and lopes along with too low a cadence.

Keep working boys and through #disciplinedconsistency improvement will come!

Out on a long training session and device fails and you lose all your data.  Abort?

Contrary to the popular belief “If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen”, you finish the session  and record any data you can from the ride, based on feel and anything else you have!

Communicate with your coach and don’t make the same mistake twice!  Always charge your watch, bike computer & phone, always find a way to record your data!

Dream Bike?

WOW, I like a heap at the moment, the Ventum, the Willier Turbine looks the goods, the Cevelo is always a popular, my own BMC has a special place for me!  Cant pick one!  I do like things with a slight difference, something that sets them apart from the rest!

Also don’t mind the Big W special Diamond Back TT rig of Chris Gilmore that’s a special machine, hopefully one day he might let me have a ride!

The diamondback
Chris Gilmour Bike

If you could bring any AG (age group) athlete into the club (Starfish Tri Athletic), who would it be?

These are getting good….. not sure, any age group triathlete into our club.  Maybe a retired pro that’s still racing…. Chrissy Wellington, Michelle Jones (currently guiding for para athlete), or para triathlete Bill Chaffey (now retired I believe)…. or maybe just some local athleted like Eamonn Ring, Zacy Collins, Ian Donald, Linda Meridth or Adam Chadburn!  Always looking for people that bring more than just another competior!

Favorite QTS (Queensland Triathlon Series) race?

Raby Bay, its right here on my door stop!

Queensland triathlon series – Round 2, Raby Bay

Wetsuit legal swim with no wetsuit or middle summer race with no drink bottle on the bike?

Being a swimmer, my first instinct is no wetsuit!

Definitely a no wet suit swim for me, I can get a bigger advantage in the water!

Tips for pacing a stand-alone half marathon?

Know your target pace and run to it, don’t try to bank time early!  Big mistake and you will pay for it at the end!

In trying to pick a pace for your first half marathon, try using your 10km pace plus a little bit, like 10/15 seconds per kilometer!  Your first half marathon or marathon shouldn’t be about time, it should be about finishing and have a hell of a good time doing it!

How did you become such an awesome coach?

I have awesome mentors and a coach myself!  I firmly believe that you can’t be a coach if you’re not being coached!  That’s why I believe Ben and my relationship works so well!   Ans also why I love collaborating with other coaches!

Who is your favorite coach (be careful of your answer)?

Bahaha, super easy at this point in time it Ben Luscombe, his taken my running to place I only dreamed of 12 months ago!  Sub 20 minutes for a 5km parkruns and even sub 1:30 half marathons, not bad for a swimmer!

What is your favorite session?

Bike session, I love a good Time Trial!

Are you getting tired of answering my questions?


Ted, do you suffer days where you just don’t want to train and its hard to get motivated?

Always & sometime, rest is best….. but as I said earlier…… Routine over motivation.  I have blogged about it and will put a link in the comments section!  Accountability, either by using someone else to help, or an on-line program (like training peaks)

In 10 min are you going to answer the most important question – Are you addicted to social media?  If you are, did you know admitting it is the first step!

Probably….. I think my family tell me this all the time!

How much wood can a woodchuck actually chuck?

A quick google search has revealed around 700 pounds or 317.5kg

Here is my source!

How do you open your running gate more?

Through improvement in your technique by doing drills and improving your core strength!  Check out Starfish Says on Facebook!

Before every session we do a series of running drills aimed at switching on and engaging the best muscles to ensure your technique is the best you can achieve.

This following video of ‘Henri Schoeman (South African Gold medalist) at the Commonwealth Games shows the technique we subscribe to here at Starfish and Tristyle Coaching.  By trying to replicate this in your own running you reduce the risk of injury and begin to run more efficiently.

This following video (courtesy of Starfish Says) shows the first two drills we encourage you to do in your warm up before every run!


Hi Ted, what is the relationship between cadence and speed? My cadence is around 178-180, which I’m told is pretty optimal, but yet I’m not a fast runner. So, promoting your answer…..I imagine my second question will need to be… do I get faster?

Another running one, this is what Ben & I work on all the time with all our athletes.  if you’re hitting that cadence there maybe other things in your technique to look at.  Again follow Starfish Says for some helpful drills and tips on technique.

It could also be a strength issue, start at your core and work out to hamstrings and glutes!  Simple workouts incorporating bridging and planking could have a great impact in your running technique.  The heel flick and knee drive, while maintain your cadence are going to be keys to improvement and getting faster.

Again see the videos shown above to start to learn the best technique to strive for with your high cadence!

Over-training: Is it ok to train 7-days/week given the three disciplines of your sport? How do you personally manage your training vs rest/recovery? How do you know when you’ve done too much? (before you’re hit with chronic fatigue, rhabdomyolysis or something similar)

This is a great one!  Yes you can train 7 days a week, but you need to be clever about it and have highs and lows, intensity and recovery.  The joy of three different disciplines in triathlon is your working three different muscle groups!  Triathlon is the a great lifestyle for this reason!

Building slowly and being careful when you introduce something new is the biggest key to remember!  I suffered a dose of rahbdo, because I introduced a strength workout I wasn’t ready for!  Too much too soon and it set me back about 2 months!

What other non-exercise disciplines do you consider as essential to your training and performance, eg diet/sleep/stretching?

As you increase your training frequency all these things become super important.  I believe it’s about incorporating all of theses things into your lifestyle at some point.  It’s all about time management and making the commitment to yourself to be the best you can.

So baby steps, start with introducing some consistency in your training then build your discipline, once you have developed a sustainable, repeatable routine, then look at ways of optimizing and maximizing your training time by introducing these extra things like stretching, improved diet, mindfulness and meditation!

How do you spell calendar

I’m no englidh major….. sorry now for all my spelling and other errrors!  I write from the haert and expereince, I should get someone to prrof read!  Any volunteers!

With the first QTS race this weekend, any transition tips?

Simple take the time to walk the transition area a couple of times.  Know the layout, from swim entry, to your bike.  From bike entry to your rack and from your rack to the run exit!  Always be calm and breathe slowly, time can be lost if you get flustered!


So that’s a wrap!  Lots of questions asked and answered!  I would love to know if you think there is value in repeating this, if so COMMENT below and I’ll do it again!  Maybe we can schedule in a monthly QNA?  I would love your thoughts & feedback?

If you’re not active at the moment & need some inspiration, follow me on Strava, Instagram and like my Facebook page and let’s get back out there swim, bike or running. Make sure you subscribe so you never miss a blog post from me! The biggest regret we can have in life is to not TRI!

TriathleteTed on Strava

TriathleteTed on Instagram

Triathlete Ted on Facebook

Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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