Ironman Australia Port Macquarie 2018 – Race Preview

Well its been a little while between blogs and I thought what better way to re-spark my blog than with a quick race preview!  Yes this weekend I am back at it doing Ironman distance triathlon again!  This will be Ironman number 6 to be precise (yes I am counting).  After the struggle in Busselton, Western Australia (read more here) I’m hoping for better conditions and a full Iron distance race!

I last raced here in Port Macquarie back in 2016 (read about that here) in a time of 10 hours and 39 minutes.  My first (and only real) goal is to improve that time, if even by 1 minute!  In my journey into this amazing world, that first IMOZ seems like a lifetime ago!  I have re-visited the blogs I wrote about that race, reliving with vivid memories those experiences.  Actually I have re-red all five race previews and race reviews, always hoping not to make the same mistake again!  The learning curve is still steep and just when you think you have it mastered, WA happens (yes the horror still haunts me)!

I am trusting the nutrition that I have tried during training, a mix of chews, gels, bananas & bars on the bike.  The run is always a matter of what I can stomach, I’m prepared to get it done on coke alone if I have to (which I did in WA).  There was a late notification that the on course nutrition was being switched away from the traditional  winners & endura to a new ‘Ironman’ branded gels, bars and Isowhey Electrolyte.  I placed a last minute order and have been able to trial the gels & bars in training with no real issue, however the electrolyte remains untried and a complete mystery to me!  My biggest fear in every ironman is needing to fart, running a marathon after that type of accident is not something I want to do (ever)!  I work on a simple theory of trying to take 400kj every 30 minutes.  That’s the equivalent of either 1 gel or half a bar, I generally add half a banana every hour on the bike!  I also keep my hydration very separate from my energy intake & ensure I’m keeping my sodium levels up in my hydration via hydralyte sports sachets!

The following event race briefing video gives you a little more insight into what we are prepareing for:

Check out the 2017 Athlete Race Briefing Video.

So my preparations have been very different than any of my previous Ironman races. Instead of following a strict plan I have had to relay on the lifestyle I have created! I train with my squad and do extra when I have the time. It is always Family first, work second, then everything else including training!

Now my goals, I’m not one to normally set big goals and put them out in the open for all to see.  However since writing this blog and talking about my experiences I’ve found predicting my race results has been heaps of fun (it has even bitten me on the ass a couple of times).  Anyway here goes again:

Swim – 1 hour

Bike – 5 hours 20 minutes

Run – 4 hours

Transitions – 10 minutes

Total race time – 10 hours 30 minutes, racing the sunset!


For those interested in following my athlete number is 116 and a link to the live tracking & streaming will be active on Sunday.

Live streaming & athlete tracking is available by the app (both apple & andrioid).

For all the parkrun & plodders interested Ian Donald’s athlete number is 167.  Full event schedule, athlete guide & list is available at the following link

Event Schedule (my Bible for the weekend)

Athlete Information Guide

Athlete List

I look forward to writing about my experiences & results next week, hopefully all successes!

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Finally I want to take a quick moment to thank my amazing supportive wife & family, without their understanding and patience I would not be here again.  Thank you to all my training partners, from Starfish Tri Athletic, Capalaba parkrun, V1 Cyclery, and everyone that trained with me over the past couple of years, your patience & support doesn’t go un-noticed and is appreciated!  Stay tuned for the next epic installment….

If you ever have any questions please reach out, I’m only a message away.

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Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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