Gear update – my quick reviews!

So here is a quick update of some equipment I have recently purchased.  I'll try to give you my reasons for the purchase and results of having them and their effect on my training. The first and most expensive purchase recently was a power meter. 4iiii's power meter After reviewing a few brands and comparing … Continue reading Gear update – my quick reviews!

Hotshot – my experience & thoughts!

OK, so this is a review of a product not yet available here in Australia, but has recently started shipping all over the world from USA.  I managed to obtain a few samples from a friend who competed in Kona and attended a medical conference where Hotshots presented their product.  My friend automatically though of … Continue reading Hotshot – my experience & thoughts!

The Fly 6 – My thoughts!

My amazing wife purchased me a Fly 6 back in September for our wedding anniversary & maybe because I had been banging on about them for months, even years maybe!  So before getting into my review, lets just be clear that I purchased this device, I am not supported or sponsored in any way, everything … Continue reading The Fly 6 – My thoughts!

My new wheels – ENVE 6.5’s

So here are my new wheels, the ENVE classic 6.5's, replacing my old damaged Fast Forwards.  A pulled spoke resulted in the retirement of the 40/50 Fast Forwards and an upgrade to new wheels.  After a little shopping around, probably more tyre kicking (pun very intended) than anything else, I headed into my LBS (local … Continue reading My new wheels – ENVE 6.5’s

Scicon Bike Bag – My take!

So with a bit of travel planned during 2016 & 2017 and hopefully more in the future, I invested in a bike bag.  I didn't do a whole heap of research instead I decided to trust the knowledge and experience of my local bike shop V1 Cyclery and asked them for the best transport option I … Continue reading Scicon Bike Bag – My take!

Product reviews!

Ok so I haven't done a lot of product reviews, but since buying new wheels, a bike bag (for traveling), a Fly6 rear camera & trialling the Hot Shots product in a couple of races I figure I might start!  Kinda like an unboxing, initial impressions, the results & my recommendations! So stay tuned over … Continue reading Product reviews!