My new wheels – ENVE 6.5’s

So here are my new wheels, the ENVE classic 6.5’s, replacing my old damaged Fast Forwards.  A pulled spoke resulted in the retirement of the 40/50 Fast Forwards and an upgrade to new wheels.  After a little shopping around, probably more tyre kicking (pun very intended) than anything else, I headed into my LBS (local bike shop) V1 Cyclery to discuss some options.  Eventually settling on the classics 6.5’s, deciding not to drop the extra money upgrading to the SES 4.5 or even the 7.8’s.  So two weeks later, the boys at the shop were removing the cranks off my beloved BMC to change over the brake pads and putting on the ENVE classics 6.5 wheel set.

The details:

  • ENVE classic 6.5 clinchers
  • 65mm depth rims (both front & rear)
  • 11-28 cluster shimano
  • New Verdistein Senso 23mm wide tyres

So I have trained on these wheels for approximately 4 weeks and complete both Noosa Triathlon and Challenge Shepparton races.  While I didn’t set the world on fire at either race and my results compared to other similar races was equal, it was more the perceived effort that was most interesting and even the run off the bike where I benefited most.

The years 2014 & 15 (below) were raced on the 40/50 FastFWD and 2016 on the new 6.5 classic ENVE’s:


All above data obtain from Strava & Garmin Connect from my 920XT watch, I currently dont have a power meter, so the above data calculated by Strava.

As you can see in the Olympic distance race of Noosa, I shaved time off with almost the same wattage output .  Which is a positive results.  The half iron distance races (70.3) are a little harder to compare as I couldn’t race Sunny Coast in 2016 because I didn’t qualify for the world championships held on that course in 2016.  I did however race the same distances in Shepparton.  Interestingly my wattage output dropped and I took a little longer than previous races.  However I am happy to report that I ran off the bike faster in Shepparton.  This I consider am inconclusive result, but perhaps a little favorable, due to the run off the bike result.

In Shepparton the bike course was predominately a north south course with some pretty brutal cross winds coming from the west.  These wheels handled the cross wind almost faultlessly.  Yes I still had to wrestle the bike in the big gusts, but it was so manageable compared to my experience on other wheels.

These wheels are solid in all conditions, even climbing the Garmin Noosa Hill didn’t present any problems for me.  Light enough to respond, stable enough to give me confidence to attack the down hill, almost the perfectly performed wheel set.  The technology and research ENVE put into their wheel sets pays off, these are amazing wheels to ride.  I had reservations being only 70kg and going from a 40mm front to a 65mm deep rim, but these things perform superbly.  Money well invested, in my humble opinion!

But don’t take my word for is, here is a quick word from another rider, Eamonn (who has a very impressive rap sheet representing Australia as an age group triathlete a couple of time and is a total hammer on the bike):

“Best way to describe the Enve Classic 65s would be lightweight, fast and easy on the eye. The pick up you get from the wheels out on the road (as you crank up the speed) is fantastic with the wheels proving to be every bit responsive yet smooth to ride. The rear is deep enough to give you the aero edge without being too deep as to cause you to get thrown around in big cross winds. Being a lighter weight rider, the 65mm front took a ride or two to get adjusted to, having coming from a 50mm front previously, however performs great in little and heavy wind.”

If you’re not active at the moment & need some inspiration, follow me on Strava, Instagram, like my facebook page and let’s get back out there swim, bike or running.  The biggest regret we can have in life is to not TRI!

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Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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