The Fly 6 – My thoughts!

My amazing wife purchased me a Fly 6 back in September for our wedding anniversary & maybe because I had been banging on about them for months, even years maybe!  So before getting into my review, lets just be clear that I purchased this device, I am not supported or sponsored in any way, everything expressed in this review is my own personal opinion!  With that said, let’s get into this.  So here it is still in the box:

Un-boxing,  here’s whats inside:

  • 2 x velcro straps (with an almost sticky rubber back)
  • 1 x charging / connector cable
  • 1 x SD memory card
  • 1 x small rubber wedge (I actually don’t use on either of my bikes)
  • 1 x large rubber wedge for aero bike seats (more on this later)

Mounting the camera on either of my bikes (Trek Madone 5.2 series & BMC TM02) is super easy using one the velcro strap (two different lengths included) with an awesome rubber backing.  As noted above I have found that the seat post angles between my bikes doesn’t require the rubber wedges to ensure the footage is in the right direction and accurate enough.  I do pick up a little of my rear tyre in the bottom of the frame and occasionally my saddle bag in the top of the frame, but neither blocks the important part in the middle, passing cars number plates!  Perhaps my biggest highlight was being able to use this device straight out of the box, battery was charged & SD memory card included.  No charging or racing to the shops to buy a suitable SD card, it was all in the box ready to put straight on a bike and go!  MASSIVE KUDOS Cycliq!

The thing to remember with this camera, it is not an action sports camera, lets not compare this to a Go-Pro or a Virb or similar.  It is a rear facing red light with inbuilt camera, making this a safety device & camera, one of a kind in the market at the moment.  The footage quality is up there and almost comparable to some action cameras, however that is not the purpose of this camera.  Here is a link to the website from the manufacturers that tell you more information about them:

Cycliq – Fly 6

The features I like the best (straight from the above website):

  1. Recording what happens behind you in crisp 720 HD video and audio,
  2. Looping video for easy, set and forget use,
  3. It captures the cycling lifestyle from the rear while obtaining video as an insurance policy,
  4. Super bright 30 lumen tail-light for your bike,
  5. Adjustable lighting modes (Solid, Pulse, Flash, Off), &
  6. Up to 6 hours of camera and light function

Here it is mounted on my beloved BMC TM02 using the aero seat tube rubber wedge, this was the last time I used the wedge as it fell out mid ride (without me noticing).

So my only gripe (as noted above) with this setup is on the 2nd (or maybe 3rd ride) the large rubber wedge to suit the BMC seat tube fell out somewhere on the ride.  But I have since discovered that the camera actually mounts better without the rubber wedge adapter.  This adapter may work better on other seat post designs, but the small flat spot on the back of the BMC combined with the velcro strap, means I can mount the camera tight enough that there is limited or no movement.  Here is a small video clip from a recent ride I did on some pretty rough roads and I think you’ll agree the footage is clear enough to identify number plates, hurt face from fellow riders & training partners and any other feature that may be required.

1st December 2016 – West Mt Cotton Road – Fly 6 Sample Footage

I would totally recommend this for any and all cyclist, sometimes the road can be a dangerous place.  If (and lets hope it never does) an incident does occur this footage could be a huge benefit to you & your family.

For those interested  Cycliq currently have some pretty sweet bundle specials, including both the Fly 6 & Fly 12 front camera light & some free kit like a Cycliq Jersey, Bib & duo mount.

Cycliq Products – December Deals

Remember to ride safe all the times and respect all road users, never assume anything, look after yourself first because no other road user will & fingers crossed you never need any of the footage from a bike mounted camera!

If you’re not active at the moment & need some inspiration, follow me on Strava, Instagram and like my facebook page and let’s get back out there swim, bike or running.  The biggest regret we can have in life is to not TRI!

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Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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