Busselton Ironman WA 2018 – race preview!

So here I am 12 months later back again at the scene of last years #sharkbikerun event! Yes I still carry the mental scars from the heat and poor decisions I made early in last years duathlon. So this year Ironman have made changes to try and increase the chances of the event going ahead … Continue reading Busselton Ironman WA 2018 – race preview!

Routine over motivation

"Motivation gets you going, but routine keeps you going" This is a topic that has played on my mind for some time.  We hear it all the time, motivation is driving a person to get something done!  My concern is that motivation is an emotion that wanes, fluctuates and to be honest is fickle!  So … Continue reading Routine over motivation

Habits, hard to form easy to break!

We have a huge flock of bids that frequent our back yard daily.  My father in-law has made a habit of putting out a little (native) seed for them every morning.  We now have a large number of species from lorikeets, wood ducks, cockatoos and many others that visit.  Recently watching him wander out early … Continue reading Habits, hard to form easy to break!