My biggest week so far!

So I jagged a couple of days off following Mooloolaba triathlon and it has proved very beneficial to my ironman preparation.  The numbers are not huge but they are solid and I’m really happy with them given I now have 6 weeks to go!  The count down is well and truely on.  The week accumulated with a half marathon on Sunday evening, where I got to meet up with a heap of parkrunners from all over Brisbane.  Here is a brief summary:

Monday – Recovery coffee ride, 39.5km, 1 hour 22 minutes

Tuesday AM – Mooloolaba to Peregin & back – 63.0km, 2 hours

Tuesday PM – Running to my heart rate zone 2 – 6.7km, 36minutes

Wednesday PM – Chanderl outdoor pool – 2.2km, 35 minutes

Thursday AM – Back on the TT bike again – 28.8km, 57 minutes

Friday AM – Running my hilly hood – 11km, 57 minutes

Saturday AM – Rolling to parkrun – 37.5km, 1 hour 16 minutes

Saturday AM – Capalaba parkrun – 5km, 35 minutes – 25th time volunteering!

Sunday AM – A trip to the gold coast & back – 156km, 5 hours 9 mintues

Sunday PM – Running a half – 21.1, 2 hours – Twilight Running Festival 2016 – My Result


Swim – 2.2km (very light on)

Bike – 324.5km

Run – 43.9km

Hours – 15 hours and 25 minutes

TriatheleteTed – Strava Profile

TriathleteTed – Garmin Activities

I am greatful to my family for their paitence, training for an ironman is time consuming and not just a commitment for me the athlete, but for my whole family.  We regularlay disucss my training and how I can better fit it into our busy schedule.  Thank you to my super amazing running wife and super paitent children!

The highlight of the week was my Sunday, yes it hurt, but the confidence it has given me is un-measurable.  It didnt start so well, sleeping throuh my alarm and missing the start of the ride.  But I was up & on the road by 5:30 (ish) and chasing them down the service road to the Gold Coast.  I punched into the early morning head wind all the way to Paradise Point, before conceding defeat and turing to head home.  Then around the corner out of no-where, I find my friends, now time to ride back with the group & an amesome tailwind!  I arrived home about 12, lunch and struggled with the dilema of what to eat, knowing I had a half marathon to run in about 5 hours?

Eggy bread (french toast) was the final choice, it proved perfect.  Starting at 5pm was very strange, but very familar also.  The weather was perfect this year, howeer the humidity was hanging around.  My target was to sneak in under 2 hours.  With a combined 10km & half marathon start and my hanging up the back for the start the first 10km flew by.  I had a constant crowd and was passing people almost the entire time.  The second lap was very firrecnt, the sun had set, it was getting dark and the crowds had thined out dramatically.  I was getting hungry now, clearly the eggy bread just wasnt enough. I got through on endura and water to finish in a time of 1 hour and 55 minutes.  Very happy, all things considered to have banked that run.

Ted finishing my half

With 6 weeks to go I only need a couple more sessions, days or weeks like this and I’ll be primed and ready to go.

Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

2 thoughts on “My biggest week so far!

    1. I hold a firm belief that in order to complete an ironman you don’t need to do massive volume or huge hours, but you need to be super consistent & very disciplined. I am proof that an ironman triathlon is very achievable on 10 hours per week, if you can back that up week after week for a solid length of time! If you are hoping to compete at ironman distance triathlon that is a very different story, but first I just needed to complete! Feel free to reach out if you need some assistance or harbor desires to complete or compete at ironman or any triathlon! Always happy to help!

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