Rapha & Strava #Festive500 Challenge 2019

Challenge Details as described by Strava: "Rapha #Festive500. Eight days. 500km. Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve. Join Rapha for the tenth year of the #Festive500, a seasonal tradition and riding rite of passage, and challenge yourself to ride 500km in the eight days between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve." My goal in this … Continue reading Rapha & Strava #Festive500 Challenge 2019

#festive500 by Rapha, Strava & Me!!!

So every year (since 2010) Rapha have challenge riders all over the world to complete 500km from Christmas Eve to New Years Eve! 8 days, 500km sounds easy enough! You can read about my experience in 2016 here. So here is a photo recount of my 2017 experience: Day 1 - Ride 1 - 127km/500km This … Continue reading #festive500 by Rapha, Strava & Me!!!

September Reflect & Review

So September marks the return of triathlon season down under here in Australia, finally!  First up before I got to race I headed up to Mooloolaba to watch the 70.3 Ironman world championships, immersing myself in the atmosphere without the pressure of racing was an awesome experience.  I even volunteered during the race on Sunday … Continue reading September Reflect & Review

Getting back into it…. How soon is too soon?!?!

My struggle is real.  I expected my recovery post Ironman to take some time, but how soon is too soon?  I have had nearly three weeks (19 days to be precise) off post Ironman now and still struggling with niggles of pain and recovery from very basic sessions.  5km jogs feel like marathons, 1 hour … Continue reading Getting back into it…. How soon is too soon?!?!