2017 Half Way Review!

The close of June marks the half way mark of 2017 and what a start to the year it has been.  Ive competed in NZ Ironman and then backed up to do Cairns Ironman about 12 weeks apart, both amazing races with some great results and even bigger highlights.  Following the Ironman in early June the … Continue reading 2017 Half Way Review!

Hell of the West – Race review

OK so it's taken me a couple of days to get this out, mainly because it took a lot more out of me than I ever expected it to & time has been hard to find.  So, before I get into a thorough review of the day, here is my official result: Official Hell of … Continue reading Hell of the West – Race review

Hell of the West – Preview

So tomorrow Sunday the 5th of February 2017 I am ticking off another bucket list race here in sunny (super hot) Goondiwindi!  Hell of the West is a triathlon that started way back in 1989 and its reputation as the 'TOUGHEST' triathlon in Queensland has only grown since those early days.  I believe I heard … Continue reading Hell of the West – Preview

January 2017 – Review & Reflect!

January 2017 was all about preparing for two long races, Hell of the West in early February and Ironman New Zealand in early March!  It started with a bang, still on holidays and not returning to work until the 9th of January, so this allowed me some time to bank a few extra hours.  In the … Continue reading January 2017 – Review & Reflect!

December Review & Reflect

So December was all about consistency and just banking the time required!  It started slow with a few early Christmas commitments and parties, as is always traditional this time of year.  However as the month rolled & holidays arrived I settled into a solid routine and got it done! So lets grab a coffee and stop … Continue reading December Review & Reflect

The Fly 6 – My thoughts!

My amazing wife purchased me a Fly 6 back in September for our wedding anniversary & maybe because I had been banging on about them for months, even years maybe!  So before getting into my review, lets just be clear that I purchased this device, I am not supported or sponsored in any way, everything … Continue reading The Fly 6 – My thoughts!

November – Reflect & Review!

So November was all about consistency and racing Challenge Shepparton.  My calf and Achilles injuries progressed well and are not really causing me too much grief at the moment!  I have finalised my Ironman program and added in Hell of the West triathlon in February .  With Christmas on our doorstep, finding and maintaining balance through … Continue reading November – Reflect & Review!

My new wheels – ENVE 6.5’s

So here are my new wheels, the ENVE classic 6.5's, replacing my old damaged Fast Forwards.  A pulled spoke resulted in the retirement of the 40/50 Fast Forwards and an upgrade to new wheels.  After a little shopping around, probably more tyre kicking (pun very intended) than anything else, I headed into my LBS (local … Continue reading My new wheels – ENVE 6.5’s

Race review – Challenge Shepparton

So that's a wrap, my first Challenge race and my first race in Shepparton, my home town!  Before I get into the data and run down of the event I need to thank  an amazing group of people who braved appalling conditions to watch me compete, was a very humbling experience!  So here goes (hope … Continue reading Race review – Challenge Shepparton

Noosa – The Wrap Up

So that's a wrap, Noosa 2016 done and dusted!  Lets get straight into the results: Noosa Triathlon 2016 - Official Results Noosa Triathlon - Multisport - Garmin Connect Noosa Triathlon - Swim - Strava Noosa Triathlon - Bike - Strava Noosa Triathlon - Run - Strava So the following is a quick comparison of my … Continue reading Noosa – The Wrap Up