Review & Reflect – March, what a month!

March was the first of (hopefully) 3 Ironman months during 2017, all the training leading to these races!  With the Ironman on the 4th day of the month I was in full taper mode at the start of the month & really didn't cover much ground for the rest of the month.  Most of this … Continue reading  Review & Reflect – March, what a month!

Celebrating achievements!

So this is a quick blog to highlight and celebrate a few achievements & milestones that I have achieved over the past couple of days! First on Thursday night 22/9/16 I ran my 1,000km for the year (2016), this was a goal I set in January as part of my planning for the year.  Thanks … Continue reading Celebrating achievements!

Sunshine Coast Marathon – What am I doing?!?!

So this weekend I am running a marathon and I can tell you I am more nervous than before any ironman.  Why........ I don't see myself as a runner, I am a triathlete!  It has been roughly 18 years since I last ran a marathon on its own and the thought of doing it again … Continue reading Sunshine Coast Marathon – What am I doing?!?!

Ironman Port Macquarie Preview

A race is a celebration of the effort & training to get you there (paraphrased from Michelle Bremmer athlete dinner, 29/04/16).  Here I am having complete a 17 week program, with the first two weeks as a build phase still recovering from injury.  The remaining 15 weeks were broken up into base, endurance, recovery, race prep … Continue reading Ironman Port Macquarie Preview

Gold Coast Luke Harrop Triathlon & Training

So with under three weeks (19 days actually) to go I have just competed in a sprint distance triathlon on the Gold Coast, the Luke Harrop Memorial triathlon. Gold Coast Luke Harrop Memorial Triathlon - Official Results Hardly the perfect race in the lead up to ironman, but as I've written in the past, racing … Continue reading Gold Coast Luke Harrop Triathlon & Training

It’s 70.3 race week….!

Its race week again, this time its 70.3 or half ironman time.  I have just complete a solid 3 week abridged preparation for Sunshine Coast 70.3.  Basically it was 3 weeks building through each week, increasing volume & intensity, peaking last week at 8.25 hours, including 2.2km of swimming, 170km of cycling, 22km of running and 17 days … Continue reading It’s 70.3 race week….!

Pre-race nerves…. Is this feeling normal?

Well here I am on the eve of my first ironman and the prerace nerves are at an all time high.  The bike is racked, the transition bags are packed, the training is done, I'm all carbo loaded up and all that is left to do is race!  I've said a lot of thank yous … Continue reading Pre-race nerves…. Is this feeling normal?