Introducing Pilates

I am constantly looking for a ways to continue my improvement in my sporting endeavors.  I believe that my consistency over the past 5 years has allowed me to have gains without changing or introducing too many new things, other than continuing to turn up & train, being consistent.  I mean really, swimming, cycling & … Continue reading Introducing Pilates

September Reflect & Review

So September marks the return of triathlon season down under here in Australia, finally!  First up before I got to race I headed up to Mooloolaba to watch the 70.3 Ironman world championships, immersing myself in the atmosphere without the pressure of racing was an awesome experience.  I even volunteered during the race on Sunday … Continue reading September Reflect & Review

Stretching & strengthening!

So I am embarking on a stretching & strengthening program, the aim is to build another habit into my daily / weekly / monthly routine that will have a positive impact on my training, racing and performance! I am continuing my stretching and foam rolling work, which I have blogged about previously and intend to … Continue reading Stretching & strengthening!

Pain, Adaptation or injury

Recently I have made a few changes to my training.  I've changed my bike position, including a new saddle, I am also focusing on increasing my cadence while running and even added in some pool work (clever given I am a triathlete)!  With every change there is a new soreness or pain that I hadn't … Continue reading Pain, Adaptation or injury

I had a bike fit!

So this week I had a bike fit complete at the Bike Fit Studio in West End Brisbane.  Why you may ask, I haven't bought a new bike, I haven't changed anything significant on my bike, so why have a bike fit?  Well simply put I've never been 100% confident that my position on my time … Continue reading I had a bike fit!

Ironman 70.3 World Champs – Spectating (part 2 – Sunday)

So today is Father's Day here in Australia as well as the 70.3 World Championships.  So my eldest daughter decided that I shouldn't do anything alone.  So she was up with me at 5:30am to head to the swim start. It was almost perfect race conditions for the swim.  I was very surprised to see … Continue reading Ironman 70.3 World Champs – Spectating (part 2 – Sunday)

Ironman 70.3 World Champs – Spectating (part 1 – Saturday)

Our weekend started with a late Friday night drive to our hotel, right in the heart of race central.  Up early Saturday morning with the ironkids triathlon, where both my girls completed!   There is no prouder moment as a parent then watching your kids with massive smiles on their faces enjoying a sport that … Continue reading Ironman 70.3 World Champs – Spectating (part 1 – Saturday)

August refect, review & my winter racing summary

The end of August also means that winter is done & dusted for 2016.  This month I had a marathon as my goal and for followers, you would have already read about my success and satisfaction with my results.  I am about to head up to Mooloolaba to watch the 70.3 Ironman world championships, immersing … Continue reading August refect, review & my winter racing summary

So I ran a marathon!

So yesterday I ran a marathon!  I have made no secret that I don't see myself as a runner, I am a triathlete!  So yesterday I went into the run nervous, confident I could get it done, but a little unsure of my desired target and goal.  Well, as it pans out, I shouldn't have … Continue reading So I ran a marathon!