So I ran a marathon!

So yesterday I ran a marathon!  I have made no secret that I don’t see myself as a runner, I am a triathlete!  So yesterday I went into the run nervous, confident I could get it done, but a little unsure of my desired target and goal.  Well, as it pans out, I shouldn’t have stressed, I achieved my goals and am over the moon about it.  A total marathon time of 3:29:17!  Just over 32 minutes quicker than my previous personal best for a marathon.  So here are the links to the official results and the all important Strava & Garmin data:

Sunshine Coast Marathon – 2016 Race Results

My, Sunshine Coast Marathon – Strava Activity

My, Sunshine Coast Marathon – Garmin Connect Activity

So now a quick summary of my run!  Dinner on the Friday night was a pretty nice Ravioli in a pesto sauce at the Alexandra Headlands Surf Club, joining lots of friends that were all preparing to tackle the run on the Sunday also (team Redland Plodders).  It was a great atmosphere and very enjoyable evening.  Sunday started at 4am, quick shower, drinking an Endura Opti and eating a Winners Energy Bar, perhaps not my ideal breakfast, but it was the best I could do in our hotel room!

Dressing the kids and heading to the race start.  We were running a touch late and the carpark was full!  I had a little panic.  Quick change of driver, Mel and the kids were left to find a carpark & hopefully make it to watch the start of my run!  I had just enough time to find some friends, have a quick photo and head to the start line, without a warm up.  I wasn’t too phased about missing a warm up, as I intended to run the first couple of km as gentle as possible, just hitting the target pace.

The first 21km (or first loop for this race) went almost like clockwork.  I was sitting the shoulder of the awesome 3:30 pacer using his skill to my full advantage, Neil was awesome, nailing the 5min/km perfectly!  I had to concentrate to stick with him & hold back, knowing i did want to go out too hard, having essentially my own personal pacer was awesome and he ensured I didnt go too hard!  Conserving energy through to 30km was my goal & the 2nd lap (a 10.5km) lap was taking its toll!  I was starting to doubt that I could stop my rubber band to the pacer from snapping.  Seeing my family cheering me on was the perfect lift!

Starting the 3rd lap (the last 10.5km) I spotted some more friends, again another lift that I definitely needed!

TriathleteTed running interview by Eamon
30km to the end is always the toughest part of any marathon & yesterday was no different!  The pressure was on, my legs were wilting & the hurt locker was beckoning!  A few encourage words from Neil (the pacer) and I dug deep to stay in touch with the goal.  This comtined all the way to the end of the marathon! Self doubt, then encouragement, then confidence.  Round and round to 42.2km, even cramps inside the last kilometer weren’t enough to stop me from hitting the target!

Crossing the line at 3 hours, 29 minutes & 17 seconds!  Success, I had run my fast marathon time by over 32 minutes!

A quick summary of my nutrition: I ate 7 serving of cliff shot block (I believe the equivalent of 700 calories) and a single endura gel (mint flavor equivalent to 100 calories).  I also drank a couple of mouthfuls of the on course infinit sports drink at almost every aid station (roughly every 3km)!  The stomach felt good and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t eat any more!

So here are the results of other athletes that I consulted with during their preparation for running a marathon & a couple of friends results, that need to be celebrated also:

Leisa Smith, Sunshine Coast Marathon – 2016 Result

Craig Torry – Sunshine Coast Marathon – 2016 Result

Tammy Milton, Sunshine Coast Marathon – 2016 Result

Amy Strong, Sunshine Coast Marathon – 2016 Result

I believe all these athletes also ran personal best in the half marathon (21.1km) on the day:
Ashley Wright, Sunshine Coast Half Marathon – 2016 Result

Alison Jones, Sunshine Coast Half Marathon – 2016 Result

Jasmine Carter, Sunshine Coast Half Marathon – 2016 Result

This awesome couple continue their improvement in the 10km by banking another personal best over this distance:

Merilyn McCann, Sunshine Coast 10km – 2016 Result

Brad McCann, Sunshine Coast 10km – 2016 Result

I need to take another moment to thank all the supporters on course, your encouragement makes our effort just a little easier!  To my amazing pacer, Neil Wood with out your guidance early & encouragement late, who know what time I would have run!  Lastly to my amazing wife & children, you were far and away the best cheer squad on course & your smiling faces lifted me every time I saw them!  

So that’s another wrap, Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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