2016 Review…… 2017 Plan

So before I launch into my plan for 2017, let’s have a quick review of 2016.  So according to my diary I have cycled 7915.6km, run 1266.4km and swam 146.0km, far exceeding my goals set at the start of the year!


A quick couple of notes about the above stats, the green rectangles are areas that exceeded 2015, the red are areas that were less that 2015, my annual goals were reviewed a couple of times from September through to December.

Strava presents a minor discrepancy and reports my distances, swim 144.7km, bike 7994.4km and run 1273.0km only marginally different from my excel diary.


Garmin also reports my totals distances marginally different again, swim 145km, bike 7938km and run 1273km.


The one thing that remains consistent no mater which record I analyse, I achieved the volume goals I set myself at the start of the year (and then revised between September through to December)!

Strava also has been kind enough to put out a nice summary video as follows:

Strava 2016 Review Video

I honestly believe 2016 has been exceptional and I cannot thank those around me that have supported my crazy endeavors!  My amazing wife & family have been very patient and their unending support is greatly appreciated!  So with a successful and consistent 2016 behind me, lets look back at the successes before we discuss the way forward for 2017!

These are the goals I set in my Failing to plan is planning to fail… My Plan for 2016! blog I did almost exactly 12 months ago:

  1. Qualify for Kona – this remains a goal and finishing 42nd in my age group in Ironman Port Macquarie leaves legacy as my most obvious options, only 10 or 11 ironman events to go!
  2. Mooloolaba Triathlon (Olympic distance) – event complete in 2:24:37, nearly 3 minute improvement & PB, goal achieved!
  3. Gold Coast Luke Harrop memorial triathlon (Sprint distance) – event complete in 1:07:28, over 1:30 improvement & PB, goal achieved!
  4. Port Macquarie Ironman event complete in 10:39:03, over 37 minute improvement & PB, goal achieved!
  5. Sunshine Coast Marathon – event complete in 3:29:17, goal achieved!
  6. Noosa triathlon – event complete in 2:23:19, missed my goal times, but happy to tick the event off as complete!
  7. Ultimate Sports Festival at Noosa, 3.8km swim – event complete in 1:01:08, goal achieved!
  8. Become a TA qualified triathlon coach – in class content complete, remaining course work complete in Dec 2016. Received my certificate & accreditation in January 2017 Triathleteted Facebook – Coaching announcement – Thank you Karen Short!

So out of interest I decide to have a quick look back and see if my improvement can be attributed to an increase in volume (distance & time).  I know each year since 2012 I have continued to increase my distances, so I also took a moment and looked at how much time I spent training each week:


As you can see from 2012 where I averaged just over 2 hours and 12 minutes per week to 2016 where I averaged 9 hours and 2 minutes.  The obvious goal for 2017 will be to hit an average of 10 hours per week.

My race calendar for 2017 looks like the following so far:

  • 21-22/01/17 Robina QTS sprint distance triathlon (750, 20, 5) & open water swim (1500), massive training weekend leading up to Ironman NZ!
  • 7/2/17 Hell of the West, Goondiwindi (2, 80, 20) using this as my ironman simulation weekend.
  • 26/2/17 Raby Bay QTS sprint distance triathlon (900, 25, 6) a last-minute hit out before heading to Ironman NZ
  • 4/3/17 Ironman New Zealand, this is my first A race for 2017
  • 9/4/17 Gold Coast Luke Harrop Memorial Triathlon (750, 20, 5)
  • 7/5/17 MAYBE something at Ironman Australia in Port Macquarie, this is very tentative & depends how I pull up after New Zealand.
  • 10/9/17 Sunny Coast 70.3 (1.9, 90, 21.1)
  • 3/12/17 Ironman WA, Busselton this will largely depend on finances, holidays & family commitments (end of school year among a few things)!

I will need to add in a couple of running events through winter, but they will have to be negotiated over the calendar with my family, who also like (love) to run!

So I have set up a race skeleton, I have some training goals, volume & hours per week & annual targets as follows.


I am hoping that these distances should allow me to hit 520 hours total training for the year, which is equal to 10 hours/week (a target I often sprout on about)!   I have a heap of other goals in my business & personal life, but that can be the topic of another blog and plenty of other exciting announcements throughout the year!  

2016 was epic and my journey into the endurance world of this amazing sport has continued to development and give me rewards beyond my wildest imagination.  It is always fun writing a review blog, because you get to look back and admire the journey, something we seldom take time for in today’s fasted paced world!  2017 is going to be huge, so buckle up, strap your self in for 1 hell of an exciting ride.

I need to take a quick moment to acknowledge my wife, Mel, and kids, Ella, Miah & Kyden because their unending patience is a source of pure gold to me.  It is them that allows me to do all the things that I have written about above, it is because of them that I do all the things I have written about above, they are my world and my inspiration!   Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for standing beside me through this crazy journey!

If you’re not active at the moment & need some inspiration, follow me on Strava, Instagram and like my facebook page and let’s get back out there swim, bike or running.   Make sure you subscribe (with your e-mail address) so you never miss a blog post from me!  The biggest regret we can have in life is to not TRI!

TriathleteTed on Strava

TriathleteTed on Instagram

TriathleteTed on Facebook

Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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