Pain, Adaptation or injury

Recently I have made a few changes to my training.  I’ve changed my bike position, including a new saddle, I am also focusing on increasing my cadence while running and even added in some pool work (clever given I am a triathlete)!  With every change there is a new soreness or pain that I hadn’t experienced previously.  My Achilles is a little tender again, my gluts are sore & my shoulders are tired!

Knowing my body and the type of pain I am experiencing is essential to my progress.  If the pain is adaptation, I can continue to train and work through the discomfort by focusing on the changes I have made.  If the pain is from injury I need to stop training immediately and seek professional advice and treatment!

There is only a subtle difference in these pains, but one I am noticing at the moment as a result of the changes I’ve made.  First let’s talk about the bike, my new bike position & saddle are causing me pain in a couple of different areas, from my sit bones (or bum) and also my gluts & hamstrings are fatigued.  I’m currently writing this pain off as adaptation as a direct result of the new bike position and I expect this will settle given some more k’s or hours on the bike. 

Now let’s look at the achillies pain (or discomfort) I am experiencing.  It could be a result of adaptation resulting from my higher cadence (& shorter stride) goals.  I’ve taken my running cadence into the high 170’s (almost 180), and while the pain is manageable I’m reasonable confident that my tendinitis is flaring up.  So rather than stop running, I’m currently managing my running load and seeking treatment through my physio, some needling & back on the anti-inflammatories.

Moral of the story, if the pain is manageable and not crippling keep training, seek medical advice if necessary. Keep stretching and using the foam roller, maintenance as prevention is always better than an injury!  So on that note, I better get back to my roller & strething.
Till next time, build consistency, keep smiling & live to Tri!

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