Winter Training Camp by Starfish Tri Athletic & Tristyle Coaching

Well I recently held my first ever training camp.  I know I am being biased but I thought it was an amazing experience.  I got to (with the help of Starfish Tri Athletic Head coach Ben Luscombe) guide 10 athletes through an epic weekend of swim, bike & run!  Together we had put in a lot of planning to ensure each athlete went away with something valuable from the camp.

We had planned a weekend designed to push athletes out of their comfort zones, but not destroy them completely.  We had technical session in there designed to help the athletes improve their technique, reduce their injury risk profile and find efficiencies.  We even had a couple of information session around nutrition and data both designed to help the athletes wade through the massive amount of information out there on the internet!

Day 1 was all about the famous and biggest triathlon in the world Noosa!  We completed a full course reconnaissance, swimming, cycling and running the course!  Some of the comments from our athletes were:

“The bike ride was good to get to know the course before the day and see how big the famous hill really is.”

“Today was exactly what I was after, the nutrition presentation was a good takeaway for me as well.”

Day 2 we switched our focus to the Sunny Coast 70.3 Ironman event at Mooloolaba.  Where we reviewed the transition area, rode the technical sections of the course, swam the beautiful waters of Mooloolaba and ran ‘the Hill’.  Some of the comments from our athletes were:

“I like training peaks and data so I found interesting. Was good to talk about in a session.”

“As a second day I felt the training intensity get harder. But had a good flow about the day as it was in order of a triathlon race.”

“Benny was brilliant!!!! Getting my arms swing right and running taller I can feel a difference. I feel taller/stronger, I don’t feel bent over & more oxygen getting in.”

Day 3 was all about practicing what we had learned in a fatigued state.  We hit the hills for an early morning run visiting ‘the Hill’ again for repeats this time and then onto the bike for more hills through the back of Nambour.   Some of the comments from our athletes were:

“That was the hardest session. It amazing what you can do when the challenge is in front of you and you have a great bunch of team mates.”

“Doing what Teddy told me to do by free wheeling while drafting and pushing my heel down paid off on the hills. Made it easier.”

“Day 3 was a nice way to finish up.”

I have never attended a training camp before, so putting one on was a daunting task, but one I knew I could do! With the support of some amazing people and the enthusiasm of the 10 superstar athletes I have hunk this could be the launching pad for some big exciting things over the next season!

If you have ever attended a training camp I would love to hear your thoughts, what you loved, what you hated! Send me a message or comment below and help me develop an amazing training opportunity and camp for you next time!

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Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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