Gold Coast Half Marathon 2018 – #GCM18

So last time I ran at the Gold coast Marathon was 1999, some 19 years ago!  I previously ran the full marathon, which was my very first ever dabble into endurance running.  It left a pretty big (mental) scar and took me a lot of years to find my way back to endurance sport.  But here I am again looking to run, and run fast over a 21.1km half marathon!


I’m not going to put any predictions out there, instead invite you to predict my time for me on one of my instagram photos HERE!  If you need a little help feel free to check out my Strava for a few clues!   There will be a surprise prize for the closest guess!

So my training has been a little more consistent, and a lot more focused on getting consistent in my running.  Hopefully this will pay divided on the weekend!  The course for the half is pretty straight forward, starting at Southport and heading north through  Runaway Bay to Paradise Point and straight back to the parklands again!

Half Course Map

I starting in the ‘A’ zone (another hint about my target time) and hoping to sit the shoulder of one of the pacer’s, Benson Harrington (a starfish athlete, who does 2 of his training runs each week as part of our squad)!  He’s talked me through his strategy and hopefully my legs can carry me beside him all the way to the finish line!

Start Zones

Also running this weekend are a lot of my parkrun friends, my super amazing wife (doing her 4th half marathon).  Dave Jorna (from Project Hatch & the Do Life Better podcast) another great mate is also doing his first ever marathon, its been a long journey for him after a failed attempt last year.  He had to withdraw only weeks before the race due to injury.   This year his preparation had been more controlled and amazing to watch!  Rodney Clarke is also running his first marathon and has meticulously prepared for the day.  A heap of Starfish adults and kids are running over the weekend, including Zane (5km), Anika (10), Hailey (10), Yuki (10), Stephen (21.1), Craig (21.1), Matt (21.1), Ray (21.1), and probably some more that escape me at the moment!  But to all those that are running, remember the journey to the start line is 99% of the battle, the race on the day is the last 1% celebration of all the hard work!

You can track the live results HERE on the day!  Simply search for the runner you’re looking to track by name!

Good luck to all runners running any of the events and distances over the weekend.  Keep smiling and enjoy every moment of your day!

If you ever have any questions please reach out, I’m only a message away.

If you’re not active at the moment & need some inspiration, follow me on Strava, Instagram and like my facebook page and let’s get back out there swim, bike or running.   Make sure you subscribe so you never miss a blog post from me!  The biggest regret we can have in life is to not TRI!

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Till next time build discipline & consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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