July Review & Reflect

So July has come to a conclusion and we are now well into the 2nd half of 2016!  I didn't really have a specific focus for July!  There was not a great deal of activity in July, holidays overseas and family priorities took over.  An 11 day family holiday was the highlight of my month, … Continue reading July Review & Reflect

Struggling – Enter a Race. My plan!

So, anyone who follows me, knows that I have taken my time assessing and trying to figure out my next race.  I'm not a runner, Im a triathlete!  So until I had a plan in my head about which triathlon was next, i found it really difficult to commit to any winter running races!   A … Continue reading Struggling – Enter a Race. My plan!

Gap analysis – holding up a mirror

Lets start this blog by reiterating that I am (and always have been) a very average ordinary age group athlete, just like you I have big dreams and this blog is a tool to help me achieve my dreams and goals.  So I have recovered from ironman Australia, its been a few weeks and while I … Continue reading Gap analysis – holding up a mirror

Now the doubt…?

Its now dark in the morning, I am finishing my training session before the sunrise, after the sunsets, winter is coming and it gets tough now.  So with 2 weeks to go I am now counting down the days and sessions.  I am suddenly extremely tired and struggling mentally to even fathom the concept of … Continue reading Now the doubt…?

Gold Coast Luke Harrop Triathlon & Training

So with under three weeks (19 days actually) to go I have just competed in a sprint distance triathlon on the Gold Coast, the Luke Harrop Memorial triathlon. Gold Coast Luke Harrop Memorial Triathlon - Official Results Hardly the perfect race in the lead up to ironman, but as I've written in the past, racing … Continue reading Gold Coast Luke Harrop Triathlon & Training

March Review

So as March comes to a close, it’s time for a quick reflect and celebrate a few minor milestones, before moving onto the most important weeks of my ironman preparation, the last month! During March I complete the following Strava challenges: Gran Fondo - my best effort was 174km (10818th of 182131) Climbing Challenge - … Continue reading March Review

January Reflect, Review, Plan & Move Foward!

So January is now behind us and I am now inside the last 13 weeks of my next ironman preparation, this stuff just got very real again!  While my time on the bike and in the pool has been more than adequate my running injuries are still causing me some concern.  I am still working … Continue reading January Reflect, Review, Plan & Move Foward!

Week 16 Progress

Week 16 is complete and I am now inside the last 15 weeks of my next ironman training plan.  I am still not running and am just starting to get a little nervous.  Although my physio & GP both assure me I will be back running soon enough and will be fine 😉  I wish … Continue reading Week 16 Progress

Quality over Quantity….. Junk k’s

So the week just past was my last week of my Christmas holiday & I made the most of it.  I banked 5km in the pool, 244km on the bike & even a gentle 5km run (jog/walk), I'm still recovering from achilles tendinitis so my running is absent at the moment! Pretty happy with week … Continue reading Quality over Quantity….. Junk k’s