January Reflect, Review, Plan & Move Foward!

So January is now behind us and I am now inside the last 13 weeks of my next ironman preparation, this stuff just got very real again!  While my time on the bike and in the pool has been more than adequate my running injuries are still causing me some concern.  I am still working with my GP and physio and there is progress, just never as quick as I would like!  Patience is not a strong trait I possess, but I am back running, slowly and short, but it is running and that’s a positive!

January was a milestone month for me, I achieved 50 parkruns (as you may have already read about) and I even complete my first Strava climbing challenge, climbing over 4,000m of elevation gain, actually climbing 7,791m in January!  I also complete the Strava Gran Fondo (100km) 3 times during January.  So I had a mini celebration over the weekend, basking in the glory of these achievement with my family.  Training for an ironman is a long slow process, so its vitally important to stop and acknowledge these achievements, smelling the roses so to speak!

My parkrun profile – 50 parkruns!

Strava January 2016 – Climbing Challenge

Strava January 2016 – Gran Fondo 1

January was actually a pretty good month, despite my battle with on-going injuries, swam 14.5km, rode 958km and ran 29.2km, totalling over 46 hours and 30 minutes (including stretching & strength time not logged on Strava).  Here is the Strava training log:

January 2016

As you can see, there is some pretty good consistency right through the month.  I missed a couple of Thursday’s, because simply life got in the way.  We had first day of the new school year, my little boy started kindy and to be honest, those things are far more important than any training.

So here comes February, it starts with a very nice, well earned recovery day!  But the rest of the month is a little daunting.  Three out of the 4 weeks are all focused on base k’s.  Zone 2 will be my friend again.  I am hoping to run the Sri Chinmoy, New Farm 15km at the end of February (assuming my injuries progress as expected).  I may even convert this event in my own personal bike, run, bike!

My plan remains focused on consistency, aiming to hit a minimum of 1 session each day Tuesday to Sunday, with the occasional (1 maybe 2) double ups (2 sessions in 1 day).  I’m hoping to continue with the 5 to 10 minutes of core and strength work for runners into my weekly routine, it seems to be helping a little!

So the goals for February are to hit the following zone 2 base kilometers, over 800km on the bike, 15km in the pool and build up to 50-80km running, targeting 10 hours per week!

Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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