I look at discipline as ones ability to choose to do something / act a certain way or behave in a certain manner in accordance with your own set of established beliefs or rules! “Training to act in accordance with rules”.


“Constantly adhering to the same principles”.   I believe this means turning up every time you need to turn up, even when there are obstacles in your way, even when your mind-body or other wise is saying no.


What do I mean?  Committing to something  whole heartedly and do it to the best possible outcome you can!  In my life this applies to a whole bundle of things.  But lets focus on my training and specifically triathlon.  Disciplined consistency is my ability to develop a lifestyle that incorporates health and well-being into every facet of my life with a desire to be the best (tri)athlete I can be.  All while completing my obligations as a husband, father and business owner!  It means I have to go to bed at night, having all my training things prepared and ready to wake up in the dark & now cold mornings to get a training session done!  To complete the training sessions to the best of my ability and hopefully hit the goals set out.  It means following the program set out and doing it with intent and vigor to obtain the best results I can.   If my program calls for a week or day  recovery, then I apply the same drive and concentration as I do for an intense workout.  To get the best out of recovery, you need to apply the same dedication and consistency!

I have previously blogged about my “flexible but consistent schedule that is repeatable each week” approach to training.  I stand by the messages in that blog:

Consistency (I hope) is the key

I no longer hope it is the key, I am now very comfortable and confident that this is the reason behind my consistence performances and longevity in this amazing sport.  In that previous blog I presented 5 keys to a good self driven training program:

  1. Develop a repeatable week
  2. Be flexible but constant in your approach
  3. Be organised and disciplined (pack your gear early, set your bike up the night before, take your kit everywhere just in case)
  4. Do something every day (even the busiest people can find 30 minutes, if they want to)
  5. Listen to your body (but not the monkey on your back)!

These have been my foundation for all 3 (soon to hopefully be 4) Ironman programs and preparations.  It has proven reasonably successful for all 3 Ironman triathlon I have complete.   It is the start of June and so far in 2017 I have averaged a touch over 10 hours of training per week, with (I hope) fairly manageable impact on my family!  I have focused this year on trying to make the Ironman journey part of our lifestyle, from changing the foods we eat, to when I train.  It is forever a game of juggling and I often feel like a clown who has dropped every ball in all sorts of directions, with everybody laughing profusely or judging me!  Despite all the hardship I have surrounded myself with people who support me and I can in turn support them.


My program relies on a 4 week cycle, 3 weeks of solid work and generally a week of recovery.  The highs and lows of this cycle I believe assist in preparing me for racing.  It allows the body to adapt to the fatigue levels and the fresh recovered feeling, before launching into 3 week cycle layering the fatigue.  I can’t fit in long, big session mid-week, but I can fit in at least a training session every day.  So I rely on the layering of fatigue from regular session, rather than big long hard sessions.

So in the above I have tried to give you an insight into my #disciplinedconsistency approach to training.  It’s about turning up and doing everything within your power to the best of your ability to achieve your desired goal or lifestyle.

If you ever have any questions please reach out, I’m only a message away.

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Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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