Ironman Cairns – Race Preview!

I am so excited by this race, I have not repeated or double up’d on any of my previous Ironman races!  Cairns was my very first Ironman back in 2015 and it was an epic experience, exceeding all my goals in every way imaginable, if you want to read my race report from then it can be found HERE!  I went into that race not knowing what to expect, ready to embrace anything the day threw at me but completely naive and confident in that naivety!  I still get goose bumps reflecting on the day and reading that race review, such an amazing achievement.  2 years later I am returning to that venue a three-time Ironman finisher ready to give this course a little shake and see what this body can do!

I won’t lie, New Zealand left me feeling a little underwhelmed & I’m hoping to make amends this weekend!  Never normally one to set lofty goals (in writing at least) this time I have five goals:

  1. Swim under the hour.
  2. Ride under 5 hours 30 minutes, my fastest Ironman bike split so far.
  3. Run a sub 4 hr marathon off the bike.
  4. Set a new Ironman PB, below 10:40
  5. Most importantly smile all day & revel in the simple fact that ‘I get to do this’ (Meredith Kessler – NZ IM 2017)

So with those goals out in the open let’s look at how I got here!  It’s time to reflect over the past 6 months training and see how I have gone.  Here are the numbers:

2017 Cairns IM Numbers

So based on the above I have average 10 hours 45 minutes training per week for the past 6 months and marginally less than that about 8 hours 55 minutes per week over the past 12 months.  Compared to any & all of my previous Ironman this has been an epic preparation!  Swimming more, biking more and matching my best run volume!  What I have targeted in this past 3 months (between New Zealand and Cairns) is quality over volume, trying not to wast my time on junk k’s in all three disciplines.  I’m happy & confident I have done the work to hit targets and goals set out above!

2017 IM Numbers compared

Noticeable in this preparation has included the most running I have done since I started this journey into endurance triathlon.  I know physically I am well prepared and the confidence I have gained from reviewing the numbers above has also helped with my soaring confidence!  Its amazing the confidence you can take when you are consistently banking time, distance and effort in all three disciplines and not managing injury pain.  I have done the hard work, I have done the rehab, I have managed niggles and injury, all that is left to do now that I am injury free, fit and firing it race Cairns Ironman 2017 to the best of my ability!


Here is a quick run down of my weekend, it’s an intense tight little weekend traveling with my wife and eldest daughter only!

  • Fly out Friday morning, arriving in Cairns at lunch
  • Straight to registration.
  • Check in at hotel.
  • Set up bike and layout bags for transition check in on Saturday!
  • Friday evening, do the bright night fun run with Mel!
  • Saturday up and straight to the iron kids race, Ella is racing and very excited!
  • Then ride up to Palm Cove to rack my bike and set up the swim to bike transition.
  • Head back to Cairns and set up the bike to run transition.
  • The rest of Saturday is all about the rest and recovery, preparing for Sunday!
  • Sunday is race day, hopefully only 10.5 hours (or less) of racing.
  • Sunday night is packing night, time to pack the bike.
  • I’ll probably head back to the finish line and watch the midnight finishers!
  • Monday up early head to the presentation ceremony, it serves as a stark reminder of just how fast people can race this endurance sport and how far the Kona dream is away.
  • Monday after lunch fly home & celebrate with the whole family!

img_5649If your interested in following my progress on Sunday, here are a couple of cool Ironman links that might help, I am athlete number 778 (but you can also search by name, Terrance Britt):

itunes apple – ironman oceania app

google play – ironman oceania app

As with every Ironman the training and preparation is only a small part of the process!  The support from family, friends and other Ironman athletes is nothing short of phenomenal!  From letting me have a sleep on the couch, riding beside (in front & behind) me for hours on end, chasing a black line in the pool, sharing a coffee stop, to reading this blog, your support and friendship does not go unnoticed!  It is all greatly appreciated!  Finally I need to acknowledge my family, who have been amazingly patient during this build up to my fourth Ironman!  I have been grumpy and just a little tired from training at times!  Mel you are my rock & my biggest supporter, I cannot imagine my life without you, thank you!  Ella, Miah & Kyden are the most inspirational kids in the world, you are my reason for doing this & I can’t wait for the day we can all do this together!  Carol and Graham as always have been amazing with their support, always offering their help with the kids and helping generate training opportunities.

If you ever have any questions please reach out, I’m only a message away.

If you’re not active at the moment & need some inspiration, follow me on Strava, Instagram and like my facebook page and let’s get back out there swim, bike or run.   Make sure you subscribe so you never miss a blog post from me!  The biggest regret we can have in life is to not TRI!

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Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!


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