Don’t listen to the voices!

I’m guilty, recently I have given in to the voices in my head, believed the messages that I should have done more, that I need to be faster, that I shouldnt feel this tired, that I should give up!

Well its taken me a lot of effort, lots of will power and some time to finally realize that I am where I am through what I have done, not what I missed!  Am I ready to go faster and push harder than last year, only time will tell!  But one thing is for sure I am mentally stronger this year because of what I have done since my last ironman!  The missed sessions have absolutely no bearing on me today.  Right here, right now I have banked over 413 hours of training in the last 12 months to get me to this ironman.  By getting to the start line I have given real value to all those hours!  The result from here is nothing but success!  My mantra to help me beat the doubt and the voices in my head – “I am who I am right now because of what I have done, not what I have missed”.  The voice in my head may try to convince me otherwise, but I am stronger than it and I know I have done everything possible to ensure I will be at the finish line of my next ironman in Port Maquarie!

I have blogged recently about my struggles to feel good?  Guess what I am still 10 sleeps away from the ironman, I have had a 90 minute massage (absolute heven), reduced my load (only marginally) and I am starting to feel great.  Everything is becoming easier, by this time next week, I am going to feel amazing and my confidence will be sky high.  So for all the self doubt and guilty feelings I have had over the past month, I am going to be fine.

I need to trust in my plan and preparation, continue to reflect on what I have done, celebrate the milestones and enjoy the taper into ironman OZ!

I’ll post a race preview, link to live tracking and my target goals for IMOZ next week, stay tuned, it’s gonna be epic!

Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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