Mooloolaba Triathlon Preview

So here I am again on the eve of yet another iconic Queensland race.  I remember racing this through the late 90’s when it was traditionally the age group australian titles and have conflicting memories of this course.  It’s an ocean swim which is a particular favourite of mine, a super fast flat bike course and a little challenging run over the headland.  I’ve posted some great times here and some very ordinary times, but despite them all it marks the the end of summer for us here in Queensland and the start of the long chilly nights & days till next summer!  Traditional it was one of the last races on our callandar, but such is the evolution of our sport that there is still plenty of options to chose from after this race today!

Enough of looking back.  Where am I at right now and what am I hoping to acheive or get from this race.  Its hard to explain really, cause I’m only 7 weeks from my next ironman and training for speed hasnt been on my radar or in the training plan for some time now.  Regardless, as I have previously written about ‘racing is a great form of training’ and there in lies the reason I am completing this race again!

Racing fatigued is never fun, but the challenge of getting up and racing to the best of my ability and staying mentally tough is the challenge for me tomorrow.  The atmosphere is always great at these multisport weekends & I have surrounded myself with like minded inspiring people each with a special story!  Jason ‘this is my last Tri’ Curry who will smash this bike course, Emily ‘Queen of Wello Pt’ is racing for the 2nd time here and is looking super primed for the event, massive PB on the way, Chris ‘I have a new Warp that does exist’ will enjoy the conditions and should smash the bike and lastly Ben ‘the first timer over this distance’ who will run the hill flat!  Their enthusiasm has been infectious and I’ve loved preparing for this race with them around.

So far this weekend I’ve completed a 5km twilight run with my super amazing inspiring wife & friend Hanna. Hanna ran a 5km personal best & Mel took nearly 4minutes off her time from last year.  

 My kids have raced in the Superkids triathlon & smashed it, I love their smiles during & at the finish of their races.  

I’ve also swam 3km & cycled a touch over 40km!  We are here at Mooloolaba till Tuesday & I hope to include a couple of extra session before heading home.

So pleanty of sleep today, lots of rice, pasta & stretching should have me primed for the race tomorrow.  The process has been methodical again, gear check ride, rack the bike & lay out my race kit ready to pack.  In the morning the process continues, up early breakfast (eggy bread & endura), head to set up transition, last minute gear check and then ready to race!  My goals are not time based but I’m ready to give it everything and spend some time in the hurt locker tomorrow and who knows what I’m capable of!  Water temp has been reported at 28 degree & it’s the first time in 5 years they can use the swim as per the event program without using a contingency swim, AWESOME!  A southerly wind will make the bike interesting on the way back from Coolum, but the ride out will be fast!  And the run is always hot, hot & hotter, staying cool will be the goal!  The weather forecast has a high chance of rain, so staying cool may not be as hard as it traditionally is, dealing with the rain is just another element of racing!

 So my consistency has been good over the past couple of months, averaging 10 hours per week, so while I may not be super fast I’m ready to do this!  So to all my fellow competitors, enjoy the day, keep smiling, look after each other, make sure you get to the finish, trust your preparation & let smash this race!

Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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