A Chat with Mark Allen – 6 time Ironman World Champion

Mark Allen was one of my hero’s growing up & after reading this interview remains a massive inspiration to my future aspirations. Read on for a little incite to a great coaching & athlete philosophy.

Leadership. Locomotion. Life.

Mark Allen is one of the most recognizable names in triathlon. He’s probably best known for winning in Kona 6 times.

Listening to Mark speak is quite a treat because he makes every word count. He has the gift of communicating in three sentences what might take others three paragraphs. Speaking simply and methodically, he offers profound lessons from his days as an athlete and now a coach.

Here are the highlights from my conversation with Mark: (Note: Because the interview was NOT recorded, many of the answers are paraphrased. I’ve done my best to be as accurate as possible.)

David Bertrand (db): What originally drew you into coaching and what do you enjoy most about it?

Mark Allen (ma): I got an email from a guy in Chicago, and he asked if I’d coach him. I thought, ‘Why not?’ So I started with one client and grew from there…

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