Training, where to start…?

So with 2015 coming to a close and the new year celebrations creeping up on us all, it is as good a time as any to assess, determine and set some goals for 2016.  But lets not fall into the trap of doing a new years resolution that falls flat in a couple of days, lets build a plan that works with our everyday busy schedule!

Do I need a coach, should I join a squad, is a training plan worth implementing?  All valid questions.  The answer lies in what your goals are and the type of person you are.  Are you determined, motivated, directed, excitable, honest, social or soloist?  With a little (or sometimes a lot) of self reflection you can determine what is needed to achieve your goals.

I have had coaches in the past to help shape and mold me into the athlete I am today.  I have been, and currently am, a member of a club, that all have head coaches and group training sessions available.  I have even recently used a running coach to change my running technique to address recurrent injuries (best money I have spent in years)!

I have also used training plans for specific races & goals.  There is benefits and positives for both.  If you are just starting out a squad & personalised training plan is beneficial, most squads will offer this!  How to determine your needs?

Gap analysis or opportunity identification!  Sit down and review your schedule (best to involve your significant other & or family if you have them), look at your week and document or diaries all your commitments, from the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow for everyday. Write everything down.

Training Opportunities

It should start to become clear where your training opportunities lie, for me it is shown as green in the above image!  Let’s not go overboard and fill every gap with a training session, we don’t want to over do it!  At this point it’s probably a good idea to have a good look in the mirror and be honest with where your fitness is at the moment.  Depending on your personality and mindset at the time, this can be an uncomfortable process.

Its never easy to get started, 5 years ago in 2010 I started riding my bike again and it hurt a lot.  I assumed that because I used to do heaps of kilometers, it would just come naturally.  However nearly 10 years away from the sport had left a fair indent on my fitness, I learned very quickly that I would have to re-build my fitness from scratch!  I joined a small community based crossfit gym at Wellington Point and the high intensity shorter workouts fitted with my schedule at the time really well and gave me the opportunity to build into it!  The guidance of a trainer / coach and a group of like minded people really helped me build not only suitable fitness, but confidence in myself that “I COULD DO IT”.  So with that said, a local supporter of Capalaba parkrun, Tri-Umph Training & Rehabilitation Nicole has written a really simple plan for your first workout:

Tri-umph Training & Rehab – Planning Your First Workout

If your starting out and a little apprehensive about where to start, I recommended seeking out someone like Nicole or similar in your local area to assist you in getting started.

If you already past that initial stage, start planning your race goals / season, look at your current schedule, generate a personalised training program and commit to it, there is no time like the present to commence your journey toward your own personal greatness!

I am currently in the throws of planning out season 2016 and onward to my 50th birthday (12 years away), but that’s a topic for my next blog in January next year, so keep reading / watching!

Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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