Planning for a Noosa Assault!

Well my races are getting shorter and shorter in the second half of the year.  With the ironman in June, the half ironman in September and now a Olympic distance in November!  So now my focus has well and truly switched to speed.  I’ve got a reasonable base as a result of my ironman 22 week training plan, this seems to have carried me through very well for the second half of the year.  My speed is increasing also as evidenced by the 46 minute personal best at the 70.3 ironman just complete.

So now my focus sharpens even further to speed.  So briefly my plan is as to complete 2 weeks touching up my base, with a nice mix of longer stuff with a few sharp intervals thrown in for good measure.  This phase will serve to build my confidence in competing at intensity over 2 hours.  Following this phase I will enter a 3 week short and sharp phase, intervals will decrease in length, increase in intensity and number.  With the sole goal of going as fast as I can at the famous Noosa Triathlon in just over 6 weeks!  So it basicaly look like this:

Noosa Training Plan 2015

So my sessions are very flexible around our family schedule and I don’t stick to this ridigly.  In fact I use this more as a training guide, and adjust around how I feel and my families needs.  For example this week, I didn’t do my Friday morning ride (25/09/15), instead I substituted my Saturday morning swim with a bike!  Mainly because I was a little fatigued and felt recovery and sleep were a little more important.   So in all my plans I focus on the goal to be achieved, determine what work I need to complete and fit that in around my week, including family and work commitments!  After all I am not a pro, just an average Joe, who needs an outlet and something to change my focus every now and then.

So if you would like to follow my progress simply click on the Strava or Garmin links following:

Ted Britt – Strava Profile

Ted Britt – Garmin Profile

Till next time build consistency, keep smiling and live to Tri!

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